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The PQI Advantage

“Our products and solutions provide peace of mind, every time.”

We Deliver for You:

Lower cost of ownership:

  • Typical paybacks of 2-4 years with 30+ year product life and negligible maintenance
  • Avoided downtime and deferred capital expenditures due to reduced device failures

Improved power quality:

  • Significant risk mitigation through power system and load compatibility
  • Increased productivity and extended equipment life resulting from clean power conditions for the connected loads
  • Guaranteed power quality outcomes, including compliance with IEEE Std. 519-1992

Ease of implementation:

  • Smarter and faster decision making
  • Stakeholder confidence in the technical outcomes
  • Reduced administrative bottlenecks

We Do This By:

Utilizing proven, high-quality products:

  • Our products and solutions have been proven effective in applications where big-name manufacturers have failed
  • We offer a variety of products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each industry
  • We insist upon the highest-quality materials to ensure consistency in efficiency and reliability
  • We have developed transformer efficiency testing protocols that limit measuring error to ±0.033%, as compared to the typical efficiency testing protocols (power-in – power-out) with measurement error of ±1.34% or greater

Leveraging our 40+ years of real-world experience:

  • Decades of solving some of the most challenging power quality problems has afforded us a unique understanding of which products and approaches are effective and which will expose facilities to significant risk of equipment failure
  • We have an unparalleled history of designing innovative patented and patent-pending power quality products
  • We pull from our varied experience base to find unique ways to minimize project costs

Applying our engineering expertise to assist you every step of the way:

  • We help engineering professionals and owners take a holistic approach to power quality with direct engineering support from professional engineers specializing in energy efficiency and harmonic mitigation
  • We have invested in tools to reduce typical time sinks, such as submittals and ROI analyses, to help streamline administrative and decision-making processes.