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Our Type EY e-Rated® transformers are easy choices for building owners looking for energy-efficient solutions with exceptional performance even in lightly loaded settings such as schools and commercial buildings. Because most distribution transformers are loaded less than 35% on average, we designed our e-Rated® transformers for extremely low no-load (core) losses with an advanced full and step-lap, miter-cut core design with grain-oriented silicon steel.


  • Reduced power consumption, transformer heating, and A/C loading
  • Efficiencies exceed requirements of U.S. DOE 2016
  • Typical paybacks of 2-5 years versus TP 1 transformers
  • Useful life of over 30 years with negligible maintenance costs
  • Helps earn LEED® certification points
  • Available with K Ratings of 4, 9, 13, and 20