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Surge Protection Devices

Power Quality International’s Surge Protection Devices were developed for critical protection applications in Florida, the ‘Lightning Capital of the USA. With the longest warranty in the industry, these state-of-the-art devices have a long and very successful record of performance and durability.

Features and Benefits
What combination of features and benefits makes PQI Surge Protection Devices truly unique?

PQI Surge Protection Devices meet or exceed all present industrial standards and requirements. These devices are UL 1449, 4th Edition Listed, with both Type 1 and Type 2 Location Ratings, and have both IEEE C62.41 Cat. C-High and Cat. B-Medium Location Ratings. For additional information on regulations and standards, please refer to NEMA Surge Protection Institute at

PQI Surge Protection Devices are rated for installation at the line or load side (Type 1 or 2) of the service entrance’s main distribution panel, downstream distribution panels and branch panels, or directly at critical loads.

  • Built in Redundant Protection
  • Thermally fused MOV’s for safety
  • All PQI Surge Protection Devices utilize ‘Big Block’ thermally protected, air cooled MOVs
  • PQI Surge Protection Devices have all modes of protection
  • Lowest Voltage Protection Ratings in the Industry with an internal disconnect
  • Indicator Lights per mode as well as per phase
  • Free Replacement Warranty

The distinctive slim enclosure design of the Type SPD allows for installation between electrical panels where space is often limited. This feature allows for an optimized installation where connection lead lengths can be kept to a minimum.

Featuring Ultra 2X technology, this device has been specifically designed to exceed the safety requirements of the abnormal overvoltage testing of UL 1449 Edition 4. Many Surge Protection Devices permanently disconnect all protection from the circuit during an overvoltage event. Ultra 2X technology will allow the Surge Protection Device to experience an abnormal overvoltage up to twice its nominal operating voltage and still remain operational during and after the event. Ultra 2X technology allows the Surge Protection Device to provide reliable and continuous protection for sensitive electronic equipment. Ultra 2X technology is recommended for sites where sustained overvoltages are known to occur and where failure of traditional Surge Protection Device technologies cannot be tolerated.