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Because schools and universities remain lightly occupied for extended periods of time, ultra-efficient transformers with low core losses provide a unique opportunity for significant energy savings. For this reason, ASHRAE has recommended ultra-efficient transformers that meet DOE CSL 3 efficiency requirements. PQI’s e-Rated® transformers exceed ASHRAE requirements and offer the most energy savings with the lowest cost.

In addition to our e-Rated® transformers, PQI’s harmonic mitigating Distribution TransFilters™ are essential for subsystems with high concentrations of nonlinear loads, such as computers, lab equipment, or electronic lighting ballasts.

    Standard Products

    Description Benefits within Schools and Universities
    EY (e-Rated®) Ultra-efficient transformer – Low first cost
    – Ultra-low excitation (core) losses reduce power costs
    DV Distribution TransFilterTM  Harmonic mitigating transformer – Reduces power costs
    – Reduces penalty losses due to harmonic currents
    – Reduces transformer heating and A/C loading
    – Reduces THDv to less than 5% at nonlinear loads or motor drives
    – Reduces losses in the loads, thereby reducing A/C requirements
    – Improves switch-mode power supply’s ‘ride-through’ capability
    – Balances primary phase currents
    – Assures system compatibility with sensitive electronic loads
    – Capable  of developing 12-, 18-, 24-, and 36-pulse primary systems

    Specialty Products

    Typical Application Additional Benefits within Schools and Universities
    DD Motor drive loads – Provides isolation from upstream transients
    – Eliminates phase-to-ground voltage excursions at the motor drive
    Z Filter
    (I0 Filter & Mini-Z)
    High K-Factor loads (l0 Filter)
    Load-end of branch circuits (Mini-Z)
    – Reduces neutral-to-ground voltages to <4V at nonlinear loads (<1V for Mini-Z)
    – Increases general purpose (K 1) transformer capacity by up to 54%
    – Protects upstream neutral conductor 
    – Increases feeder and bus capacity
    – Balances feeder and bus phase currents (& branch circuits for Mini-Z)