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Commercial and Industrial

For commercial buildings, we recommend evaluating our ultra-efficient e-Rated®transformers. Also, because these facilities often support a high percentage of electronic loads (computers, phones, LED lighting, etc), we recommend evaluating our Distribution TransFilters™ to reduce flat-topping of the voltage waveform at the loads’ switch-mode power supplies and improve overall system efficiency.

For industrial facilities, harmonics from nonlinear loads, such as motor drives, electronic lighting ballasts, and rectifiers are a primary cause of equipment failures and energy losses. Harmonic mitigation is especially crucial for operations involving motors since harmonic currents lead to decreased motor efficiency, increased heating, and reduced motor life. We will work with you to develop a system-wide approach that may include proper application of our Distribution TransFilters™, to deliver high power quality with outcomes including:


  • Improved system and load compatibility
  • Improved overall system efficiency with reduced transformer, cable losses, and motor (and other load) losses
  • Reduced equipment failures
  • Improved production rates (production per kWh)

Standard Products

Description Benefits within Commercial & Industrial Facilities
EY (e-Rated®) Ultra-efficient transformer – Low first cost
– Ultra-low excitation (core) losses reduce power costs
DV Distribution TransFilter  Harmonic mitigating transformer – Reduces power costs
– Reduces penalty losses due to harmonic currents
– Reduces transformer heating and A/C loading
– Reduces THDv to less than 5% at nonlinear loads or motor drives
– Reduces losses in the loads, thereby reducing A/C requirements
– Improves switch-mode power supply’s ‘ride-through’ capability
– Balances primary phase currents
– Assures system compatibility with sensitive electronic loads
– Capable  of developing 12-, 18-, 24-, and 36-pulse primary systems

Specialty Products

Typical Application Additional Benefits within Commercial & Industrial Facilities
DD Motor drive loads – Provides isolation from upstream transients
– Eliminates phase-to-ground voltage excursions at the motor drive
MY 240V motor loads – Resolves failure problems that result when 230V and 240V motors are supplied by conventional 208V sources
– Eliminates motor overheating
Z Filter
(I0 Filter & Mini-Z)
High K-Factor loads (l0 Filter)
Load-end of branch circuits (Mini-Z)
– Reduces neutral-to-ground voltages to <4V at nonlinear loads (<1V for Mini-Z)
– Increases general purpose (K 1) transformer capacity by up to 54%
– Protects upstream neutral conductor 
– Increases feeder and bus capacity
– Balances feeder and bus phase currents (& branch circuits for Mini-Z)
– Able to conveniently connect to pre-wired office partitions (Mini-Z)